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Nice to meet you

Hello, I'm Jeff Frenette.

I'm a travel, food & lifestyle photographer based in Montreal, Canada.

I work with clients such as Air Canada, FordParks Canada & Pepsi on various projects that include photography, retouching, social media, video, props finding & shoot styling.

I run a bilingual blog called Jeff On The Road which provides its readers premium content in travel, food, fashion & technology.


Get to know me

Constantly looking for new opportunities, Jeff practices travel, culinary and lifestyle photography. His style and approach are described as natural & on the go. Each project is always carried by a unique and genuine vision.

Jeff takes pleasure in discovering the world through the landscapes and culinary culture that are specific to each destination. He’s a skilled content creator who loves storytelling.

Zeta Production - Jeff Frenette

"Amongst Canada's top Instagrammers."

Huffington Post


Photo, video & social media

Photographer, videographer, blogger and social media influencer, Jeff Frenette is multi-skilled. His previous studies in architecture and graphic design brought him a sweet spot for details and a great sense of aesthetics. These inspirations are easily translated through his work.

Very active on Instagram, he has more than 60,000 subscribers who follow him through his local and overseas adventures. Thanks to his blog "Jeff On The Road", he allows his readers to stay at the forefront of the latest trends by finding the best restaurants and cafes in town, suggesting essential activities and advising them on various topics such as travel, fashion and technology.

In other words, Jeff offers a turnkey product for your next project whether it's advertising, a social media campaign or even video!