If you're looking for the trendiest coffee in Amsterdam, this might be your jam. 

TOKI coffee shop in Amsterdam - Exterior


Located in one of the most in vogue neighbourhood of Amsterdam, just a bit off the regular tourist circuit, TOKI is an indie coffee serving the best coffee I had while I was in Amsterdam. And whoever is in the indie coffee scene know that the best coffee shops are also always very instagrammable. 

TOKI coffee shop in Amsterdam - Flat lay #flatlay

This shot on Instagram: 

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TOKI is very instagrammable but not only. It’s a fun place to hang out with friends and take it slowly. Rather than sipping on your coffee in a hurry, they invite you to stay and enjoy your coffee. My favourite spot was the seating corner made out of the most beautiful tiles. 

TOKI coffee shop in Amsterdam - Interior



Definitely highly recommend going to TOKI, even The Sartorialist says he’s obsessed with the place!